Sunday, December 30, 2012

Nerd Glasses

Nowadays, nerd glasses become trend especially for teenagers here in Jogja. This kind of glasses is booming because of the effect of K-Pop trend in our country. At first, I thought these glasses were weird because of the shape and I couldn't imagine how my face looked like while wearing them LOL. But, several days ago I met my cousin. She's one Big Bang and Super Junior fans (fyi: they are boy bands from Korea). I hadn't met her for several months. When she went home, she changed her style again. She had her hair cut in Korean style and she also wore these nerd glasses. Surprisingly, she looked cute. 

And then my desire to have short hair comes again after I met my cousin. I do wanna have short hair because I don't have to be bothered whenever I have to go somewhere hmphhh....Anyway, my friend told me that she wanted to try wearing nerd glasses. And I didn't know why I also want to try it, but what will my husband say later LOL.

I found these cute nerd glasses in H&M. Dear my husband, can I wear them? xoxo...

Aren't they cute? xoxo

2013 Trend - Bags

Recently I read in some magz about the upcoming trend for 2013. Yep, New Year is in front of us, girls. Of course we don't wanna miss the trend right? Bags are still one of a MUST HAVE items in our closets. What kind of bags that will be the trend next year? The answer will be hand bags. So, have you got any hand bags at home? If you haven't had even one, you should get it, girls. You might ask yourself which hand bags that should be bought since there are various kinds of hand bags. Well, this year trend is more on bright colour, but the 2013 trend will be more on the size. Yes. the big one, girls. But it depends on you whether you're confident enough to use it or not. If you feel that smaller hand bags are better, feel free to use them :)
One of the examples of hand bags you can use is Furla. See, there are some reasons why I like this brand especially the candy hand bags. First, its shape is simple and the size is not too big and not too small, a medium-sized bag, love it! Second, its shiny material is eye-catching and for me it looks elegant, dazzling! Third, it can be used for formal or informal occasions, this what makes it important to me. Thanks to my dearest best friends, now I have one at home xoxo...

Item: Furla 'candy' Rubber Satchel

Item: Furla Handbags Candy Glitter

Friday, November 2, 2012

Blowing Bubble

Bubbles...things which are very light and soft. In order to make them we only need to blow for seconds. How about making your dreams come true? Will it be as easy as creating blowing bubbles? If achieving my dreams were that easy, I would be very happy because everything that I want comes true.
"If I blew my bubbles easily", I would :

  • be a fashion designer (FACT: I can't draw LOL)
  • have my own clothing line and own many boutiques 
  • be a successful businesswoman, a good wife for my husband (of course) and a good mother for my future children.
Once again...I wish it would be as easy as blowing bubbles :)

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Asymmetrical Tops

I don't know why recently I've been crazy of asymmetrical tops. So, I'm thinking...will it be possible to wear them in formal or casual style? Yes, it's possible. And I searched in the internet and this is the result.

Casual yet cute

Formal yet elegant

Monday, October 8, 2012

Just My Imagination

Here I am....alone and sitting in front of my computer. At first, I watched a movie but I felt bored, so I decided to browse the internet. While I was doing it, this song suddenly came in my mind and it keeps singing till now. 

Gwyneth Paltrow & Baby Face - Just My Imagination 
(such a relaxing song)

Okay, what else did I have in mind? As always, I let my brain lead to create these sets and I didn't know why they are lacy outfits. Honestly, I don't really mind wearing lace dress, but I prefer other materials. So, what on earth can i have lace in my mind? Hmpphhh.....Anyway, what do you think?

 3 strong colours

soften your look with nude

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

High-Low Dresses Casual & Formal

High low dresses actually can be worn in any kind of occasions, as long as you know how to choose the right cut or even the materials used.

HIgh Low Dresses

There's nothing sexier than high-low dresses when you wanna show up your sexy legs :)

Apparels by Forever21

On a Daily Basis

2 weeks off…YES! It’s been almost a week since the last time I taught my classes and I still have a lot of days to enjoy. Staying at home really gives me new refreshments after days, months or even years I have been busy with my hectic schedule both at the office and home. Frankly speaking, I spend most of my time at the office and it doesn’t feel good at all. So, I wanna enjoy my 2 weeks off as best as I can.

  •  Taking a nap

I miss this activity so much when I’m at the office. Yes, my working hours don’t give me time to take a nap. For the last 6 days I always do this relaxing activity. And it turns out that it gives me more energy. When I get up in the morning, I don’t feel as tired as before. I guess it’s because I have more time to take a rest.

  • Cooking

You know that I don’t really like cooking. But I don’t know why I start to enjoy it. Even yesterday I tried to cook new menu and I did it! My husband loved it, yey! I guess if we aren’t in a rush or tired, cooking can be fun *as long as the dish we cook isn’t difficult. LOL*

  • Reading a novel

It’s been years I guess I didn’t read any novels. There are some reasons why I don’t do my old hobby. First, I don’t any time when I go home from office. Second, I’m too tired and it makes me lazy to read. Third, when I’m tired I prefer watching something to reading because reading can make me sleepy and the story becomes less interesting. And finally now I can read a novel Winter in Tokyo written by Ilana Tan. It’s her 4th book and I’ve read the previous 3, they’re all great and connected each other. You should try to read them.

  •  Body and hair treatments

I never get bored with these activities; I think you also enjoy them. When I’m busy with my classes I become lazy to do the treatments. But now, I don’t have any things to do. And of course I do the treatments. I have got something to share. 4 days ago I wanted to have hair treatment but I was too lazy to go to the hairdresser’s that I usually have the treatment because it’s too far. Therefore, I decided to try a hairdresser’s near my house. The building looked nice from the outside, but when I entered that place; my feeling said that it’s not as good as the one that I usually come. And I was right, I had the hair spa. Instead having smooth hair, my hair became frizzier. Better to be careful when you want to come to a new place. Why don’t you ask your friends to give you good recommended hairdresser’s? 

I think I will miss some of these activities when I get back to work again…

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

- No Title -

Let me shout ...
Let other people know what I feel ...
What would you do if you were me?
Would you let yourself stay in silence?
Never let yourself get trapped in this discomfort too long ...

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Sunday, September 9, 2012

A Pray

Dear God, I'm entering that room for the second time in my life next month. I hope everything will be all right. I can't deny that I was surprised to hear such news from him. And now I'm afraid ...
I know that it's being done for my own sake, for my future and for our future. So, help me and give me strength please, amen ...

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The Power of White and Blue

Got the inspiration from one of my student :)

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I am Worried

~ I am worried if this path is blocked and I won't reach the end ~

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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Wedding Dresses

* Got the inspiration from my cousin, thanks dear :)

a long, sleeveless dress for a perfect figure

a long, sleeved dress for bigger upper arms

a short, sleeveless dress for petites

Thursday, August 16, 2012

If I were ...

I've been dealing with kids, teenagers and adults for about 6 years. Since the first day I signed the contract till now, I have never worn a skirt or even a dress to work. It's not because I have an allergy to this feminine attire. It's merely because I just wanna move freely. You know, being a teacher isn't that easy. Sometimes I have to sit down on the floor with them or even join the kids playing games in class, running, dancing and things like that. Can you imagine if I wear a skirt or a dress while doing these active movements? O.M.G maybe I'll tear it LOL...

Anyway, I can't deny that I'm getting more feminine. Back to when I was still young, I used to be so tomboy and avoid wearing that feminine attire. I just didn't feel confident to wear them. But I have already turned the page and now here I am. Feeling much more confident while wearing it ^^ 

If I had the chance to teach my students without being asked to move a lot ...
If I didn't have to obey the rules ...
If I were confident enough ...

I would wear this lovely work attire ^^

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Cool Photos

I like watching Australia, America and British's Top Model. I can't imagine that to get just one picture, it's very hard. If I were one of the contestant, I would be kicked out first since I'm not really good at posing lol...
There are lots of good photos but my favourite ones are the photos by Adelle (Australia's Next Top Model) and Sophie (America's Next Top Model British Invasion). These two lovely girls have a unique face and of course they're beautiful :)

Adele in Chanel photo shoot

Sophie in America's Next Top Model fragrance Dream Come True

What do you think, girls? Aren't they beautiful photos?

Currently Watching

I'm currently watching this serial, Jane by Design. Love and love it though it's a bit too late :)

Men in Suit

There's something 'bout men in suit! Indeed. Men will look more attractive as they wear this formal outfit. There's a story of it, i dunno if it's funny or not. See, my friends and I love watching Korean dramas and one day we watched this drama Lie To Me. When I watched it for the first time, I thought I felt in love with the main character, the director starred by Kang Ji Hwan. This guy appeared in the drama for the first scene wearing a white suit. Gosh, my jaws suddenly dropped and I was mesmerized lol...
And I never get bored watching this drama till now but I realize something. I don't fall in love with that guy, but I fall in love with his style. He was there with his suit! I have had this interest, as a suit lover, since I was younger actually. And I like it more after my husband wore a black suit a day before the day we got married. When we talk about suits we can mention lots of designers who designed men suits. Yet, the first thing I have in mind when it comes to suits is Armani Collezioni.

Lie To Me trailer

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Polka La Polka

When you are faced with some choices, which one do you choose? Plain, striped or polka dot? It's a bit hard for me to choose one of them because basically I like them all. Yet, if I have to pick one, perhaps I'll pick polka dot. There are some simple reasons why I choose it. First, you don't need to wear a necklace just like when you wear a plain blouse. Polka dot tops are not as "empty" as the plain ones. Second, striped tops sometimes can make me look bigger. And one of my students said that she got dizzy when she saw a person wearing a striped top standing in front of her. Polka dot clothes are easy to mix and match. Besides, we can wear them in any occasions. You mention and I'll show you how to get an edgy look in polka dot xoxo....




Sunday, August 5, 2012

3 bold colours

Black, white and red....
They are bold colours which give different effect as you wear them. Black and its mystery yet gives slimmer look. White and its purity which represents cleanliness to those who wear it. And then, we have red which means hot and brave. Can you imagine if we mix them in our outfits? What will these colours symbolize then?

What can you see, girls? Mystery, purity or bravery? Or these mixed outfits create their own symbols? ^^

Journey to the West

Finally, I'm back again ^^
It's been a while since the last time I wrote a post, perhaps it was a month ago. Since I left Jogja to attend the wedding reception in Surabaya, I felt so tired. Anyway, the wedding reception was great! I think it was the greatest and luxurious wedding reception I have ever attended. There were some famous people who were involved in it. And that amazing night was ended by one of Indonesian divas. What a romantic night it was ^^

 After staying for about 3 days there, my husband and I went back to Jogja. We tried different route because our friend told us that the route that we're gonna take was quieter and faster. Moroever, it had beautiful scenery because it was on the mountain. So, we decided to take it and she was right. 

the street was quiet like this for almost an hour

its cool weather was a perfect place to plant vegetables

paddy fields

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Dear Uncle and Auntie

This evening, I was invited to my auntie's 26th wedding anniversary dinner. I was so happy because my husband finally could attend it too (thanks dear). My uncle and aunt, they looked happy this evening. Yes, it's their happy day and love was in the air. I still remember 4 years ago. I came to their 22nd wedding anniversary dinner and at that time I wasn't married yet. They were as happy as they are now. I have chosen my uncle to be the witness in my wedding last year. Since the day I decided to choose him, I have made my choice to have him and my auntie as the role model of my marriage. I do hope I can be like them who always love each other and can build a happy and loving family. I wanna be like my auntie who can be very close to her daughters. She can be their mom as well as their best friend.
Happy anniversary Uncle and Auntie. May God bless you always with happiness :)
Ps: I just love this quote xoxo...

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

What a Glam Night!

Next week, I'm leaving my hometown Jogja with my husband and parents-in-law. We're going to Surabaya, it will be my first time to go there, to attend a wedding reception. This morning I got the invitation and it looked elegant and exclusive. I was wondering how much they spent for the invitation only. Anyway, the thing that concerns me most isn't the money that they're spending. That wedding reception will be my first time to be in a high-class society. Perhaps I can say that these people are the socialites! It makes me a bit afraid to be there actually. If I had another choice, I would prefer staying in Jogja and doing my daily routines. Unfortunately, I don't have that choice. I must, wait! No no... I have to be there although I don't want to.
When I remember my past, I had the dream to be in such society. But now as the opportunity comes, I feel afraid. I know I shouldn't feel like that. But is it okay to feel it since it's the first time for me? I haven't decided what dress I'm gonna wear in the reception. But I have a hope that I will wear one of them :)

I love black *wink*

And I love purple too *wink wink*

Summer Shine

Summer is coming. Keep your boots in the cupboard and take out your sandals. Wear your sunglasses and indulge yourself with the warmth of summer.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Just My Luck!

This month I think I am so lucky because I have the opportunity to be observed twice. Not a good news of course. I was so relieved after finishing the first observation with one of the coordinators two weeks ago. And last week when I came to my office I saw a paper hung on my locker and taraaaaaa........another observation schedule and the worse thing is I'll be observed by a native >_______<. GREAT! After the Branch Manager from Jakarta now it's a NATIVE. JUST MY LUCK! Why do I always get extraordinary people as my observers in class? T.T Jamie is observing my class tonight. I think I won't be this nervous if the lesson is easy to teach. The problem is the lesson is one of those which is not really easy to be understood by students. Moreover, there is only one or two students who come on-time and they are sometimes quiet and make me difficult to do elicitation. I have already prepared the lesson plan and I hope it will work and my students can cooperate with me. I can't deny that there are a lot of butterflies flying in my stomach and they won't go away until the class is over. It is a challenge for me and I hope I can do it well. God, help me please. Wish me luck, girls....

Ps: I don't like BEING OBSERVED :(

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Black, Must Have Item!

Sometimes we get confused on mixing and matching our clothes. We are too afraid of making wrong choice. If you don't want to spend your time worrying which tops suit your trousers or jeans well, get a pair of black trousers or a black skirt. These bottoms are your angels, girls. You do not need to feel confused again since they are flexible. Any color will do, trust me :)

Friday, June 8, 2012


After the accident happened last Wednesday, I have more bruises on my legs, a stiff neck and left arm. Yesterday, my husband didn't allow me to ride motorcycle to work and he took me there. Since he had something to do out of town, I went home with my best friend, makcik. It was raining and there weren't many vehicles passing by. I completely forgot that  makcik was afraid of quiet and streets. I felt guilty because of that. So, this afternoon I forced myself to ride motorcycle to work although my husband didn't allow me. I told him that I was okay and strong enough to ride it again.

When I arrived at the office, my friends were surprised and felt pity because I wasn't fully healed yet and I had to go to office by myself. I'm fine, friends but I ain't a superwoman. I tried not to feel the pain while riding my motorcycle. The thing that motivated me to do so is INDEPENDENCE. I don't want to bother other people if I'm still strong enough to do something by myself. And yes I did it! Even though it took more time, I could arrive at my lovely house safely :)

Ps: I love this following quote :)

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