Friday, May 24, 2013

Lulu Guinness

Lips clutches...Have you ever heard?
Yep, they are products made by Lulu Guinness. Besides having the famous lips clutches, Lulu also created some other uniquely designed bags and accessories. Most of her collections have lips as their signature. If you wanna find out more about Lulu Guinness, click here

Blocked Mind

It's been a while sine the last time I wrote a post here. Things were kinda hectic and i experienced what so called as BLOCKED MIND. See, I had things to write but I didn't know how to start it. I didn't want to force myself to make a post here rather than I wasn't satisfied enough with the result. When I stuck in "that cage", I realized something. Writing isn't as easy as copying. When our mind doesn't get along very well with the topic, you can stand upside down and still you can't produce something. 

So, do we need to write a post in our blog every day? Well, if you don't have any difficulty and of course time, writing a post every day is a good thing to do. However, we can't deny that there will be time when we get frustrated because of something and it affects our creativity. When you are in this stage, it might be better for you to stay away from your computer or laptop. Try to refresh your mind by doing things that you like most, like what I have done. In this case, I did lots of window shopping and a little bit of shopping too xoxo.

When you enjoy yourself doing things that you like, it doesn't mean that you will completely lose your writing ability and creativity. Instead, you become more creative than before. You know, ideas can appear by themselves. So, no need to force yourself to make a post every day if you can't do it. Blogging isn't that frustrating anyway :D

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