Sunday, December 30, 2012

Nerd Glasses

Nowadays, nerd glasses become trend especially for teenagers here in Jogja. This kind of glasses is booming because of the effect of K-Pop trend in our country. At first, I thought these glasses were weird because of the shape and I couldn't imagine how my face looked like while wearing them LOL. But, several days ago I met my cousin. She's one Big Bang and Super Junior fans (fyi: they are boy bands from Korea). I hadn't met her for several months. When she went home, she changed her style again. She had her hair cut in Korean style and she also wore these nerd glasses. Surprisingly, she looked cute. 

And then my desire to have short hair comes again after I met my cousin. I do wanna have short hair because I don't have to be bothered whenever I have to go somewhere hmphhh....Anyway, my friend told me that she wanted to try wearing nerd glasses. And I didn't know why I also want to try it, but what will my husband say later LOL.

I found these cute nerd glasses in H&M. Dear my husband, can I wear them? xoxo...

Aren't they cute? xoxo

2013 Trend - Bags

Recently I read in some magz about the upcoming trend for 2013. Yep, New Year is in front of us, girls. Of course we don't wanna miss the trend right? Bags are still one of a MUST HAVE items in our closets. What kind of bags that will be the trend next year? The answer will be hand bags. So, have you got any hand bags at home? If you haven't had even one, you should get it, girls. You might ask yourself which hand bags that should be bought since there are various kinds of hand bags. Well, this year trend is more on bright colour, but the 2013 trend will be more on the size. Yes. the big one, girls. But it depends on you whether you're confident enough to use it or not. If you feel that smaller hand bags are better, feel free to use them :)
One of the examples of hand bags you can use is Furla. See, there are some reasons why I like this brand especially the candy hand bags. First, its shape is simple and the size is not too big and not too small, a medium-sized bag, love it! Second, its shiny material is eye-catching and for me it looks elegant, dazzling! Third, it can be used for formal or informal occasions, this what makes it important to me. Thanks to my dearest best friends, now I have one at home xoxo...

Item: Furla 'candy' Rubber Satchel

Item: Furla Handbags Candy Glitter

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