Tuesday, October 8, 2013

As Comfortable as They Look

I just wanna share a bit of what I have experienced so far. Well, I'm gaining weight for almost 9 kgs for the past 9 months. I used to wear a small or medium-sized clothes but now I keep all my small-sized clothes tidy in my wardrobe. I was kinda stressful since I didn't have enough clothes at that time and luckily my husband helped me by giving me some money to buy bigger-sized clothes. And what happens now? I don't feel comfortable wearing such tight clothes again since I'm not confident enough to show my figure. Also, wearing heels too long makes my feet and legs tired. I think it's because my legs have to stand heavier burden. Some women may experience the same thing as what I experience. Therefore, I wanna give a bit advice for those who have the same problem as me. I hope that it will be useful :)
  • A-line cutting for dresses
I adore this cutting. Why? It's because this cutting can help you to cover your figure's weaknesses especially when your body's lower part is bigger than the upper. I don't feel confident to wear sleeveless dresses so I will try to find sleeved dresses or wear cardigans or blazers. When I wear a cardigan or blazer, I won't use the buttons or let the front part open. It will give you more freedom to move your arms and make your figure look balance.

  • Brighter Tops and Darker Bottoms
I always think brighter bottoms make my lower body especially my hip and things look bigger. Therefore, I enjoy wearing darker bottoms because they create such a slimmer figure. If you are confident, you can wear a patterned tops. Since I like plain tops, whenever I wear them I will use a necklace, the statement necklace, to distract people's attention from the plain or maybe dull look.

  • Last but not least, Loose Tops
As I have already told you before, about my confidence in wearing tight clothes, I prefer wearing loose tops to cover the weaknesses in your upper body's part. It doesn't mean that you will look big, nope. As long as you are smart at combining your top and bottom, loose tops can be your first choice. You can move as freely as you can :) Ah, one more thing. If you like wearing jeans or trousers, it's better to choose flare ones instead of following the trends of wearing skinny jeans. However, if you enjoy wearing skinny bottoms, I suggest you mix them with longer tops.

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