Tuesday, June 26, 2012

What a Glam Night!

Next week, I'm leaving my hometown Jogja with my husband and parents-in-law. We're going to Surabaya, it will be my first time to go there, to attend a wedding reception. This morning I got the invitation and it looked elegant and exclusive. I was wondering how much they spent for the invitation only. Anyway, the thing that concerns me most isn't the money that they're spending. That wedding reception will be my first time to be in a high-class society. Perhaps I can say that these people are the socialites! It makes me a bit afraid to be there actually. If I had another choice, I would prefer staying in Jogja and doing my daily routines. Unfortunately, I don't have that choice. I must, wait! No no... I have to be there although I don't want to.
When I remember my past, I had the dream to be in such society. But now as the opportunity comes, I feel afraid. I know I shouldn't feel like that. But is it okay to feel it since it's the first time for me? I haven't decided what dress I'm gonna wear in the reception. But I have a hope that I will wear one of them :)

I love black *wink*

And I love purple too *wink wink*

Summer Shine

Summer is coming. Keep your boots in the cupboard and take out your sandals. Wear your sunglasses and indulge yourself with the warmth of summer.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Just My Luck!

This month I think I am so lucky because I have the opportunity to be observed twice. Not a good news of course. I was so relieved after finishing the first observation with one of the coordinators two weeks ago. And last week when I came to my office I saw a paper hung on my locker and taraaaaaa........another observation schedule and the worse thing is I'll be observed by a native >_______<. GREAT! After the Branch Manager from Jakarta now it's a NATIVE. JUST MY LUCK! Why do I always get extraordinary people as my observers in class? T.T Jamie is observing my class tonight. I think I won't be this nervous if the lesson is easy to teach. The problem is the lesson is one of those which is not really easy to be understood by students. Moreover, there is only one or two students who come on-time and they are sometimes quiet and make me difficult to do elicitation. I have already prepared the lesson plan and I hope it will work and my students can cooperate with me. I can't deny that there are a lot of butterflies flying in my stomach and they won't go away until the class is over. It is a challenge for me and I hope I can do it well. God, help me please. Wish me luck, girls....

Ps: I don't like BEING OBSERVED :(

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Black, Must Have Item!

Sometimes we get confused on mixing and matching our clothes. We are too afraid of making wrong choice. If you don't want to spend your time worrying which tops suit your trousers or jeans well, get a pair of black trousers or a black skirt. These bottoms are your angels, girls. You do not need to feel confused again since they are flexible. Any color will do, trust me :)

Friday, June 8, 2012


After the accident happened last Wednesday, I have more bruises on my legs, a stiff neck and left arm. Yesterday, my husband didn't allow me to ride motorcycle to work and he took me there. Since he had something to do out of town, I went home with my best friend, makcik. It was raining and there weren't many vehicles passing by. I completely forgot that  makcik was afraid of quiet and streets. I felt guilty because of that. So, this afternoon I forced myself to ride motorcycle to work although my husband didn't allow me. I told him that I was okay and strong enough to ride it again.

When I arrived at the office, my friends were surprised and felt pity because I wasn't fully healed yet and I had to go to office by myself. I'm fine, friends but I ain't a superwoman. I tried not to feel the pain while riding my motorcycle. The thing that motivated me to do so is INDEPENDENCE. I don't want to bother other people if I'm still strong enough to do something by myself. And yes I did it! Even though it took more time, I could arrive at my lovely house safely :)

Ps: I love this following quote :)

Childhood Memory

Back when I was a child, I still remember how much I used to love paper dolls. My mom often bought me a set of paper dolls and I think it's almost everyday. As a result, I owned a lot of paper dolls and if I'm not mistaken I still have them (but I forget where I keep them LOL). I played these dolls everyday whenever I didn't have anything to do after school. There were many kinds of stories I had created alone or with my friends at that time. One of them was living in a small village. The village that I had in mind wasn't the same as the villages that we had in our city, where most villagers had some cows and goats. Once my brother told me that a village had different smell and could make us miss it. It's difficult to describe it. Just imagine that you're in the middle of a small path that was surrounded by wooden houses with piles of paddies nearby. 

Anyway, I don't know why I suddenly have this wish. I wish I could stay in a small village with my husband for I dunno perhaps a month. I wanna live in a small wooden house which has a quite big yard to plant vegetables, fruits and some flowers. When I wanna cook something, I only need to pick some vegetables from my yard. Then, my husband and I can spend our spare time by walking or riding a bicycle around the village and meeting the people there. It will be wonderful to escape from city life for a moment and try to get closer to nature. 

If someday I have the chance to do it, I will live in Cheongsando Island ...

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Gleam Red

Brighten your look with a red lipstick ...

Be Grateful

Today, I am so grateful for what have happened to me. No matter it is bad or not.

* This evening I got an accident. It happened right after I finished working. I went out the building and I was about to cross the being-resurfaced street when suddenly the tire of motorcycle slipped and I fell down. The motorcycle was scratched and the left rear-view mirror was broken. I felt down on the street and thank God there were no cars at that time. I was okay and able to continue riding my motorcycle home though my left hand was a painful and my legs got some bruises. I thank God for protecting me and the security guard who helped me at that time. 

* And this evening, after I put some gel on the bruises, I opened my blog and I got surprised because there are more followers on my blog. Once again, I thank God for giving me more followers and visitors on my blog. i hope that in future my blog will be more interesting and can be helpful for others.

~ Dear God, thank you for this unforgettable day ~

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Hubby's Styling

My husband hmm if I am asked to describe him in three words, here are the answers: perfectionist, hard-working and loving. The thing that he's lazy about is going to malls. He prefers staying at home rather than spending his time in those kinds of places. Yet, there is a funny thing when it comes to shopping. See, my husband doesn't go shopping as much as I do. Yet, when he needs to buy some things like shirts, trousers or jeans, he can spend more than I do. So, actually who loves shopping then? xoxo....

You know that I enjoy mixing and matching clothes, so I've tried to do those things to make my husband become more fashionable.

 * He wants to look more casual while we're having a date on Sunday morning*

*Casual yet appropriate style for attending the family gathering*

*A pair of leather shoes matched with formal outfit to start his working days*

*Bring his favourite color in his formal outfit*

He said, "In a business world, a simple thing like a watch can boost men's pride."
Now, I know the reason why you have more than two watches, dear :)

Boredom Attack

It can be said that now I'm being attacked by boredom. This month is gonna be a busy month for me. Lots of things to do. So, don't blame me if I get bored easily nowadays. There are two things that I have in mind. First of all, I wanna spend my time by relaxing at home. I don't wanna do or even touch the reports and things like that. The second thing is it will be a great idea to be in a place where I can enjoy fresh air and forget all of my work. And now, this is the place that I really want to visit:

Such a dazzling view

Isn't that place wonderful? I imagined walking between those neatly planted rows of green tea and smelling the scent of green tea leaves hmmm.....what a relaxing walk.
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