Monday, January 30, 2012

Tips for Extra Large

Having extra large body doesn't mean that you can't do anything with it. You don't have to be jealous looking at the slimmer women. You can be like them, as fashionable as them :)

Here are some tips for you:
  • Choose dark-colored clothes because they can give slimmer look as you wear them.
  • Never wear sequined tops or dresses. Choose simple clothes instead.
  • Brighten your look with accessories like necklaces, bracelets, brooches or rings.
  • Never wear too tight clothes or loosen ones. Yet, choose clothes which fit you.
  • Never wear skinny jeans because narrow ends will make you bigger.
  • Knee-length or over-the-knee dresses can make you prettier and feminine.
  • To give taller look, simply wear heels or wedges.

Ideal or Perfect?

What is a perfect wife? In my opinion, there are no perfect wives in this world. But we have ideal wives. Yet, to describe what an ideal wife is can be difficult as each person, especially men, has his own idea on what so-called as an ideal wife. What do you think? What makes a married woman become an ideal wife? Here is my idea of the ideal wife:
  1. Able to cook
  2. Love her husband, kids, husband's family
  3. Family is her most priority
  4. Able to do housework
  5. Not dependent on her husband
  6. Able to manage her time well
  7. Able to put herself in every occasion
  8. Not ignoring her appearance
I don't know whether these points are right or not. I know that they sound too subjective but those are what I have in mind. It seems difficult to do all of them, but I'm trying to. If I'm not an ideal wife for my husband yet, at least I can be a good wife for him...

Men and Women

Men and women? Of course they are different. Indeed…
God created them as different creatures. I was still wondering how God created them in such way. They are different not only from their physical appearance, but also from their way of thinking. Men always use what so-called as logic, meanwhile women tend to use their feeling. I couldn’t agree more with this statement. As my husband and I started living in our own house, I realized that men and women were created to complete each other. Yes, my husband is a kind of person who thinks so simple. On the contrary, I am a kind of person who often pays more attention to details. When we are faced with a problem solving, I spend my time thinking of what might happen which sometimes makes me afraid of making my decision. Meanwhile, my husband does not think that way. He will make it simple without ignoring what might happen next. I guess women’s thought is like noodles and men’s thought is like a straight way. Even though we are different, we try to adapt each other. It needs time because it is a process. And this is what so-called as marriage. 

 women's mind

men's mind

Happy Anniversary


January 30th 2002…
It was the time when you held my hand gently…
It was the time when you looked at my eyes deeply…
It was the time when you opened your heart for me…
It was the time when I opened my heart for you…
It was the time when two hearts beat as one…
Happy 10th anniversary my dear…
And now I’m proud of calling you my husband…

Friday, January 27, 2012

Style for Your Graduation Day

Yesterday evening, I accompanied my aunt to attend my cousin's graduation in one of the well-known universities in Jogjakarta. It was my first time to join such occasion. When I came there, my jaws almost dropped *too exaggerating, isn't it?*  Anyway, I was very surprised to see what the girl were wearing at that time. It seemed that they wanted to join a party. I guess it WAS a party. Yet, it's good to know that nowadays university students become more aware of fashion. So, I wanna share a little bit to have an awesome look for your graduation day :)

An elegant and classy look
 How to:
  • Tie your hair in a bun or have it curled.
  • Choose a soft-colored dress with less embellishments or mix and match a blouse and a knee-length skirt.
  • Put some accessories like studded earrings, bracelets and necklaces but don't be too much :)
  • Stilettos, pumps or high-heeled sandals will give more elegant look.
  • Bring a clutch with you.

A fabulous and chic look

How to:
  • Let your hair free or make it curl.
  • Choose a dress with brighter color or mix and match a skimpy top and a mini skirt.
  • Drop earrings are enough since you show off your outfit.
  • Strappy heels will add your sexy look.
  • Don't forget to bring your handbag.
Last but not least, enjoy your graduation day :)

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Cooking oh Cooking

Cooking can be so frustrating for me. I still find difficulty in mixing the ingredients without adding them again and again. I'm still learning how to cook and it takes time. Honestly. I don't like cooking but I have to cook for my husband. Thank God he doesn't complain much because he knows exactly I'm not good at it. Even though it's difficult, I'm trying to enjoy it anyway. Just as what my mother-in-law said cooking was a matter of practicing. As you practice more, your cooking skill will get better. And now, I don't make my sunny-side-up egg become black again haha...

Monday, January 23, 2012

Simplicity and Elegance

Going to work is one of our daily activities. Yet, we shouldn't ignore our appearance as we are meeting clients. Their first impression can affect their mood or even the contracts you are signing. I think we needn't put too many accessories as we go to the office. It's an office not a party, right? So, I only have these 2 styles. You can be simple one day and elegant in the other day. 

simple chic

How to look simple:
  • Avoid wearing too many jeweleries like a necklace, a bracelet, rings, a watch at the same time. It's better to have them one by one in different time.
  • Choose outfits which have simple cut and less detailing or embellishments.
  • Softer color can make you look calm and bright.
  • Flats or ankle booties are possible to wear.

 elegant chic

 How to look elegant:
  • A blazer is a must-have item since it gives you more professional look as you wear it.
  • High heels or stilettos are in the A-list.
  • Dark and bright colored clothes mixed with accessories like watches, bracelets and necklaces will do.
  • Patterned or embellished tops are needed.
So, are you ready to meet your clients? :)

Fashion Statement vs Fashion Victim

Being fashionable or stylish can be difficult to some people. Indeed, mixing and matching need our fashion taste. But, do we have that? Everyone has it actually. However, being fashionable doesn't mean that you put a lot of things on your body like an embellished or sequined dress mixed with a statement necklace. Instead of being fashionable, you will look as if you are a fashion victim.

stylish look

a little bit too much

Types of Body Shape

Which type are yours?

I wanna share some tips for you :)

Banana shape
Having a body shape like Cameron Diaz is a bless because you can wear any kinds of clothes like a straight dress or even skinny jeans mixed with a sexy sleeveless blouse.

L.A.M.B Navy & White Stripe Dress £170

Apple shape
If you belong to this type, you should avoid tight dresses or blouses because you will show off your bigger upper part. Instead, you should find A-line dresses which have less embellishments or detailing on the lower part.

Pear shape
Pear shape has bigger lower part. Therefore, you should avoid wearing dresses with much detailing or many embellishments on that part. Wearing a dress which has more detailing on the upper part can hide your bigger hips.

Hourglass shape
I have this shape and I have found the best way to hide my narrow waist because both upper and lower parts are bigger. A-line dresses will suit you best. Trust me :)


Extraordinary Hermes

Being famous for its awesome collection, Hermes still remains as one of the best clothing brands around the world. Its outstanding and best quality leather products catch many people's attention, including me. Yet, I'm not destined to have one of its original products because it's way too expensive for me :( Even though I only have the non-original one, at least I can bring my "Birkin" bag wherever I go :) I guess we can't deny that best products mean extra money. Indeed, it's true ...


 Cordoba espadrilles $670.00 


Silk twill scarf $385.00

My Cyber Diary

Hi there! I have decided to make a new blog 'cause I feel bored with the old one which mostly provides samples of fashion styling. I don't know perhaps I'm running out of ideas. So, I decided to make the new one (I think I made that decision several hours ago). I wanna be freer than before. I still love Fashion (as always) but I also wanna talk about other things. I hope that this blog can be much more interesting than the old one. This blog isn't developed well, in progress. I promise I will make it better little by little :)

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