Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Best Eyeliner for You

When we do our make-up, we can't leave eyeliner behind. It helps our eyes to look more attractive and sharp or even it can make your eyes look smaller or bigger. If you wanna try to use eyeliner for the first time, you need to know types of eyeliner before deciding to buy it.

Types of Eyeliner
  • Eyeliner Pencil has many kinds of colours. Since it is relatively easy to use and some of them aren't water proof, it is the best choice for beginners. However, the color produced won't be as thick as the other types of eyeliner. So, if you're still trying to boost your confident in using eyeliner, you should use it. 

  • Liquid Eyeliner is for a more professional user. It requires a steady hand to create such a flawless line like Cleopatra's eyes. The color produced of course is stronger than the eyeliner pencil. When you decide to use it, make sure you prepare some make up remover just in case you make mistake while drawing the line. This eyeliner becomes "the goddess" for make-up artists. 

  • Gel Eyeliner comes in a gel texture and packed in a pot. How to apply it? You need to use a small brush. Similar to liquid eyeliner, gel eyeliner requires technique. Once you have mastered it, it will be easy to use. Moreover, it can create such a bold line. If you wanna have catlike eyes, you can also use this.

  • Solid Gel Automatic Pencil is more portable and convenient than gel eyeliner. Yet, the use of it may not as easy as pencil eyeliner. It is usually more vibrant and darker. The good thing of this eyeliner is it is long-lasting. 

  •  Eye Shadow Eyeliner needs a small, angled make up brush when you wanna apply it. This eyeliner doesn't work when you put it along the waterline area on your eyes. Apply it along the lid lines. You can also combine it with liquid, gel or pencil eyeliner to create such a dazzling look. 

Now you already know the types of eyeliner. Choose the one that you like most and get ready to make your eyes look extravagant. Here are some samples of eyeliner forms, hope it will help you :)


Bags Vocabulary

Bags...bags...bags...I love bags <3

  • Backpack: supported by shoulders with double handles and lies across the back
  • Baguette: relatively long from side to side and small from top to bottom
  • Hobo: large, shoulder carried, with a main compartment closure
  • Minaudiere: for the evening, with a hard case and often covered in beads or crystals
  • Messenger: with a long strap to be worn across the body, if smaller it's a sling bag
  • Barrel: cylindrical resembles a barrel
  • Bucket: roomy, shaped like a bucket, usually has an open top and shoulder strap
  • Clutch: small but long (rectangular) without a handle for the evening. If similar to a letter, it's called envelope
  • Quilted: features a top-stitched pattern similar to a quilt
  • Saddle: originally a bag hung on the shoulder
  • Satchel: top closure, top carry handle, flat bottom, similar to a vintage school bag
  • Doctor: flat bottomed with rounded sides, slightly elongated and two large handles over a collapsible metal frame
  • Duffel / Sea: large, usually for travel or sports; in the past usually used by sailors
  • Flap: featuring a folding flap closure
  • Shopper: rectangular, often in canvas, perfect for shopping, single handled
  • Tote: large, double handled with an open top and open main compartment
  • Frame: quite rigid, rectangular shaped, similar to a money purse
  • Wristlet: clutch shaped with an attached strap

Source: anothermensblog

Shoes Vocabulary

Let's upgrade our knowledge :)

source: anothermensblog

Amato Haute Couture

My jaw was like dropping when I saw his collection in America's Next Top Model Season cycle 19. It's awesome and sooo couture! High fashion! The detailed design creates such a complex collection that can wow the audiences. Furne One indeed has a talent as a designer. The owner of Amato Haute Couture seems like has his own characteristic that differentiates him from the other designers. This year, Amato has mesmerized the world with its collection in Dubai Fashion Forward 2013.

Here are some of Amato's new collection. Find out more at amatohautecouture.com

Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman

Yes, the title of this post reminds me of a song sung by Britney Spears long time ago, I think I was still in senior high when I listened to this song for the first time. Not bad though since it shows that as a woman, I have undergone this stage. And now it's your turn, my dear little sister :)

Back to the past for a moment. I met her when I was still working in my office at that time. I remembered our first meeting. The first impression I had was she was smart, talkative and tomboy. We became closer and closer and I was sad when I decided to resign from my job since I wasn't able to meet her again. It turned out that God didn't let me feel such feeling too long. I was given an opportunity to meet her again YEY! 

From teacher - student relationship, now I think our relationship has become more like older sister - younger sister relationship. But I'm glad that I can feel being a sister for her. The most important thing besides helping her study is that I, at least, can help her a little bit to be a more feminine girl. Even though it is kinda hard for her but slowly she has shown some changes and I'm proud of her :)

I wanna help you with some ideas for your style in the future. I hope you like them xoxo

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