Thursday, March 29, 2012

A Chic Nurse

Nurses and doctors are famous for their white uniforms. Even though they look simple, the white color represents purity. It's clear and I like it. I just imagined if nurses can be as chic as other career women. With a little touch, I think they can be stylish :)

love this new uniform :)

stylish nurse kit with blinks xoxo

Mesmerizing Boots

ER for the Second Time

Do you recognize the picture? Yes, it's infusion. And that thing had to be stuck in my hand for about a week. Yes, this is what happened. I just went home from hospital. I had to stay there for a week due to the dengue fever that I had. Before being sent to the ER, I had had a bad fever for days and couldn't stop vomiting. My mom said that my face looked so pale that she could even see veins only. My body became dehydrated badly. And so, I was sent to the hospital. As soon as I got there, I was taken to the ER. (I never imagined that I would be in the ER again though it's because of different reasons). 

I'm deadly afraid of needles and the nightmare went on. I used the infusion in my left hand and every morning at 5, the nurse had to take my blood. She used the injection to take it from my right arm. And it happened for 5 days T.T Days by days having my blood taken, I got used to it. 

The doctors gave their permission for me to go home and here I am now, in my lovely house. Yet, I'm not allowed to go to work yet. I have to take a rest for another week. Next week, I'm scheduled to meet the doctors again to have the check-up. I hope I don't have to meet the injections again.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

How do I Look?

This afternoon I watched tv and I found this program accidentally. It's all about fashion :)

How do I Look? : Fight for Style

Her vs Her

Which style is better?


Monday, March 5, 2012

Proper Flowers

I'm a huge fan of black leggings. Why? It's simply because they are comfortable enough to wear and easy to be mixed and matched. Yet, I found another reasons. They make my thighs look smaller :) Yet, I can't wear them while teaching. At least, black trousers can replace them at that time. I'm teaching in a university recently and it is required to wear such formal outfit. And I think these lovely flowered blouses are professional and simple to wear. Mixed with my Hermes and I am ready to work :)

Farhi by Nicole Farhi Drawstring Floral Blouse

EastexShort sleeve linen look embroidered blouse


Paris Fashion Week 2012 Louis Vuitton's The Runway

Drooling for the bags!

Paris Fashion Week 2012 Street Style

How lucky you are :)

Friday, March 2, 2012

Dog Apparels

It's not only women or men who can be fashionable, but dogs also have the opportunity to set the trend. I have a dog at home and she is afraid of big things like cars, boxes, people and even big dogs. Whenever she hears the sound of thunder, she will jump to my mom. Outside the house, she can be afraid, but inside the house she can be a naughty dog which likes running around the house bringing her smelly pillow. I'm wondering whether she is a female dog or not. Physically she is, but I guess it's just the appearance since she acts hyperactive. Apart from her madness, I love her and I wish she could wear such cute apparels.

She will pee and stand still while wearing them hahaha....

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