Sunday, February 26, 2012


Shimmer your look for fabulous Saturday night in sequins :)

dainty pink

black vs gold

Friday, February 24, 2012

2012 Grammy Awards Red Carpet

The 2012 Grammy Awards has just been held and still the red carpet, especially the fashion, becomes hot issues among people. Apart from their branded and unique clothes, I think Rihanna and Taylor Swift who looked dazzling in their dresses. Rihanna brought up her sexiness in Armani black while Taylor Swift came with her elegance in Zuhair Murad's mermaid gown. Which one do you like most?

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Victoria Beckham's 2012 Autumn/Winter Collections

New York Fashion Week 2012 

3/4 Sleeve Canvas Panel Fitted Dress

 V Neck Stripe Fitted Dress

Officer Pleat Flare Dress

 Linear Coat (Can I have this? xoxo)


Friday, February 17, 2012

Dine Out with Cupid

Valentine is not a common day so it will be better if we celebrate it. What should we wear for this day then? Even though it's Valentine, it doesn't mean that we need to wear pink from head to toes. People may think that you look too much and say "another fashion victim". Here are some styles you can pick for your date on Valentine Day. 


  • Shorts mixed with a blouse is a perfect combination to give casual look. 
  • Ankle booties, flats, strappy sandals or wedges are fab!
  • Bring a handbag or a shoulder bag with you. Never go out with bare hands.
  • Avoid wearing too many accessories. A statement necklace will do.


  • A patterned skirt mixed with a plain blouse or vice versa for your stylish look.
  • Pumps or other high heels to boost your feminine style.
  • A hand bag or a clutch to add your confidence.
  • Some accessories can make you more attractive.


  • Choose a red or pink dress with a bit sophisticated cut.
  • Bring a clutch with you.
  • Wear more gold or golden accessories to make the others envious.
  • A pair of high heels like strappy sandals is a MUST.

Last but not least ...
Enjoy your dinner with Cupid :)

Happy Valentine

Valentine has passed, but the love is still in the air. This year I didn't get anything from my husband because he had to go out of town. The worst thing was I had a headache and fever. So, I had to stay at home to take a rest and didn't meet my friends. That day was a lonely Valentine Day :( Apart from the feeling I had at that time, I was still glad because I had to do it (staying at home) for my own health.

Whenever we mention the word Valentine, the first thing comes to my mind is love. his day is special because we can share our love to everyone we love. Yet, I don't agree with that. It doesn't mean that I only express my love to the others on that day. Instead, we should express our love to them everyday, especially to my husband :)

Happy Valentine, guys. I know that I'm late to say it. But better late than never right? :) Here's a song that I love and I want my husband to listen to it.

Its always been a mystery to me. How two hearts can come together. And love can last forever. 
But now that I have found you, I believe

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Sailor Dress

When I was a child, I used to watch a cartoon entitled Sailormoon. I loved the way she dressed whenever she turned herself from Usagi Tsukino to Sailormoon. I wished I could be like her. Yet, it was just my childhood dream. I still love the dress though, the sailor dress. And this sailor dress from ASOS is so cute!

Monday, February 6, 2012


I can't imagine what I will do without my best friends. I'm gonna miss them for sure when I stop working in my office one day. From Monday to Saturday, I always listen to their loud laughs, horrible jokes or even the time when they look gloomy because of something. I hope that I will be able to meet them although I don't work in my office anymore. And for my dearest friend Dea, I hope you can live in Jogja again :)

Gossiping or Networking?

Gossips...geez what can I say about them? I prefer doing something more important and useful. I really don't like talking behind someone's back. Yet, we cannot deny that we have ever trapped in such situation, either we do gossiping (intentionally or accidentally) or being gossiped. Yet, there are some people who enjoy doing it, even they do it almost everyday. I don't know whether being a gossiper is a way to expand our network or not. If it is meant to do so, networking doesn't have to involve gossips in it. Purely, we talk about something positive. It is true that sometimes gossips don't have to stab someone's back, instead we talk about the good things. Yet, it can lead us to wrong judgement as the rumor can be related to something else which actually talks about other topics. 
Listening to people who are gossiping can be so tiring for me and sometimes I'm feeling fed up. I would rather go out from the room and go to other place which has more peacfeul atmosphere. Before I got married, one of my friends told me that I shouldn't be a gossiper. He told me that if I appreciated other people and treated them well, they would do the same thing. If they did something bad to you, never did the same thing. There would be God who took care of me. I will remember what he has ever told me and hopefully I can be who I am and stay away from gossips...

Sunday, February 5, 2012


What comes to your mind as someone mentions BLACK? For me, black means slimmer look :) Even though black is closely related to mysterious things, I still love this color and I am NOT a mysterious woman. In fashion, black is like an angel for those who have bigger body. Its darkness can cover your weaknesses quite well and provide slimmer look. I have some, NO lots of black stuff. Not only clothes, but also accessories. Can I call myself as a black lover? If it is related to fashion YES, I AM :)

casual black

semi formal black

formal black

Black is the safest color as it can be mixed with any other colors. Therefore, it belongs to one of the MUST HAVE items in your wardrobe :)

Tips for the black lover:
  • Mix and match it with brighter color to give sophisticated and stylish look.
  • If you wear a black dress or suit, accessorize yourself with some blinks to give less mysterious impression.Don't be too plain...
  • Do you wanna add your black colored-clothes? Make sure you choose those with various styles and cuts. 
 Last but not least.....Happy Shopping.......and.......Happy Mixing & Matching :)

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Animal Printed Bags

Lately, I often met some women using animal printed bags at street. And they suddenly remind me of Cruella de Vil. Do you still remember her? One of the characters in 101 Dalmations movie played several years ago. 

She is a cruel animal lover who is obsessed to make a coat from dalmations' fur. But of course the women I met weren't as crazy as her. Anyway, animal printed bags have become craze among women recently. Even, some famous designers also launched their animal printed bags. Leopard and zebra patterns become the  most popular ones.

Charm Bracelets

I forget when I started to like wearing charm bracelets. At that time, I didn't know that there was a name for it. The only thing that I had in mind when I saw it was that bracelet was so cute! And I decided to buy it. Unfortunately, I lost it somewhere :(
Charm bracelets are special as the pendants represent the wearer's life. And these lovely bracelets are cute and I think they can represent who I am.

They are Sterling Silver Heart and Toggle Bracelet and 14k White Gold Celestial Charm Anklet or Bracelet


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