Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Just My Luck!

This month I think I am so lucky because I have the opportunity to be observed twice. Not a good news of course. I was so relieved after finishing the first observation with one of the coordinators two weeks ago. And last week when I came to my office I saw a paper hung on my locker and taraaaaaa........another observation schedule and the worse thing is I'll be observed by a native >_______<. GREAT! After the Branch Manager from Jakarta now it's a NATIVE. JUST MY LUCK! Why do I always get extraordinary people as my observers in class? T.T Jamie is observing my class tonight. I think I won't be this nervous if the lesson is easy to teach. The problem is the lesson is one of those which is not really easy to be understood by students. Moreover, there is only one or two students who come on-time and they are sometimes quiet and make me difficult to do elicitation. I have already prepared the lesson plan and I hope it will work and my students can cooperate with me. I can't deny that there are a lot of butterflies flying in my stomach and they won't go away until the class is over. It is a challenge for me and I hope I can do it well. God, help me please. Wish me luck, girls....

Ps: I don't like BEING OBSERVED :(


  1. A wish you a lot of luck!
    Up head and keep smile - everything gonna be alright :))

    1. thanks for your support :)
      i'm so glad that it's finally over :)


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