Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Men in Suit

There's something 'bout men in suit! Indeed. Men will look more attractive as they wear this formal outfit. There's a story of it, i dunno if it's funny or not. See, my friends and I love watching Korean dramas and one day we watched this drama Lie To Me. When I watched it for the first time, I thought I felt in love with the main character, the director starred by Kang Ji Hwan. This guy appeared in the drama for the first scene wearing a white suit. Gosh, my jaws suddenly dropped and I was mesmerized lol...
And I never get bored watching this drama till now but I realize something. I don't fall in love with that guy, but I fall in love with his style. He was there with his suit! I have had this interest, as a suit lover, since I was younger actually. And I like it more after my husband wore a black suit a day before the day we got married. When we talk about suits we can mention lots of designers who designed men suits. Yet, the first thing I have in mind when it comes to suits is Armani Collezioni.

Lie To Me trailer

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