Thursday, August 7, 2014

It Ain't A Goodbye

And yes, that day finally came. My little sister has moved to another city to continue her study. Feeling sad? Of course, I won't deny it. Time does fly. Back when I first met her in our private class. I saw a young girl who looked a bit tomboy compared to the other students from her school. But again, never judge a book from its cover. Even though she is tomboy, deep inside of her is a sweet and caring girl. As the time went by, we got closer and the sad thing was I decided to resign from my job and at that time she was very busy with her cheerleading practice. It turned out that God permitted us to meet again. I remember when I was on the way home, I saw her walking on the sidewalks. She was so surprised when I suddenly stopped in front of her and called her name. She shouted my name, ran to me and gave a tight hug and of course people were looking at us lol. Since that day, my days have been more colorful whenever we have our class. The teacher - student relationship has become an older sister - younger sister relationship. 

Evelyn & Me #Transformers4 #XXI

For these years, we have shared lots of things but the saddest one I can't forget is when she injured her knee and needed to stay in the hospital :-( Thankfully, she could get recovered fast. After some weeks, we met again and she jumped out of her big car and I was like panic. But she gave me a big smile on her face, sooo glad that she recovered fully. 

Full tummy #Michigo

There is one thing I hope, I hope we will be sisters for the rest of our life. Wherever we are, the bond remains in our hearts. Just as she said, words can't even express <3<3<3. Be a good girl there and hope to see you again, soon :-*

Aug 6th, 2014 #House of Balcony #Amplaz

Thursday, July 3, 2014

The Wrap Watch, La Mer

I may say I think I fall in love with this kind of watch. You know, this unique watch isn't the kind of watch I usually use. If you see on the cupboard, there are 3 blinky watches. Blinky? Yeah, it means blink blink lol. People said that it made them look like a rocker, hmm should I agree with the statement? Perhaps if you choose certain styles of this La Mer watch, they can create such a rocker look. However, I have my own opinion. Instead of making you like a rocker, this watch will create a more casual look. Everyone has her own opinion right? And of course her own style. Anyway, This La Mer watch is still my dream until now. I hope one day I can have one. And by the time it happens, I will be mixing it with my casual style :)

styling #1

styling #2

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Let It Flare

In the past I thought wearing a long skirt or dress was such a bothering thing since you couldn't move as freely as you could. Yet, this thought has changed and I started to use it although only on special occasion like wedding party. Actually, I really wanna try using this long skirt or dress in daily life like hanging out or going to church but I'm not confident enough, especially with this condition where I gain more weight T.T. After all, people here are not usual yet to see people wearing it or even dress up unless these people are the ones who use hijab. 

I guess, I still need to collect all my confidence first. I don't know when, but one day I will make my breakthrough. Wish me luck, girls XOXO

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