Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Dear Uncle and Auntie

This evening, I was invited to my auntie's 26th wedding anniversary dinner. I was so happy because my husband finally could attend it too (thanks dear). My uncle and aunt, they looked happy this evening. Yes, it's their happy day and love was in the air. I still remember 4 years ago. I came to their 22nd wedding anniversary dinner and at that time I wasn't married yet. They were as happy as they are now. I have chosen my uncle to be the witness in my wedding last year. Since the day I decided to choose him, I have made my choice to have him and my auntie as the role model of my marriage. I do hope I can be like them who always love each other and can build a happy and loving family. I wanna be like my auntie who can be very close to her daughters. She can be their mom as well as their best friend.
Happy anniversary Uncle and Auntie. May God bless you always with happiness :)
Ps: I just love this quote xoxo...

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