Saturday, May 5, 2012

Korean Style --> Fashion Addict

Korea has started to show its power. Not only in its technology and culture, but also its famous music genre called K-Pop and fashion industry. You can find a lot of information in the internet about it and of course you can shop Korean-liked clothes. Of course it is possible for us to transform ourselves into a Korean yet it will spend a lot of money and time as well. We can be like Korean actually and the simplest way to get it is wearing an outfit that has Korean characteristic which is extraordinary (in my opinion).

Here is the thing. Korean men and women are very confident with themselves, especially when they have to show their fashion style. Maybe I can say that they are unique in a good way. So, the first thing that you need to have is CONFIDENCE.

Next, having Korean style means you need to be brave enough to MIX and MATCH color, patterns and styles. Yes, Korean are well-known for their guts to mix an old-fashioned style with Western style so that they will come with their uniqueness.

Last but not least, prepare more space in your wardrobe for ACCESSORIES. Headbands, jewelries, stockings, shoes and bags. They love them all.

Finally, imitating a Korean doesn't mean that you need to change your personality. Be YOURSELF and let clothing do the rest xoxo....





  1. you put together some amazing outfits. are you korean? i love all the korean-inspired features. :) i just followed you on google and bloglovin (first follower on bloglovin!), and i would be honored if we stayed connected on both. :) have a great day, and keep up the great work. :)


    1. Thanks a lot for being my follower, I do appreciate it. I'm glad to hear that my post can inspire you. To answer your question, well I'm not Korean but I'm Indonesian :) I have already followed you on google, I hope we can stay connected :)


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