Sunday, May 27, 2012

Korean Hanji

What do you think of this dress?

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Isn't it lovely? Believe it or not, this dress is made of hanji or traditional korean paper that can last for thousand years. It was one of korean designers named Han Song who designed this extraordinary dress. If you see it at glance, you won't realize that it's made of paper. 

Hanji, which was first used to make a book or canvas, has started to be used not only in fashion, but also interior decoration and even toys. Hanji, which is from the Mulberry trees, can be used as basic materials or covers. 

bedside table light  lamp

pencil holder


Hanji has been exported to other countries outside Korea. Hanji can get people's attention in future as it does not have any bad effects toward the users.


  1. Wow! Not only is it made out of paper, but the paper can also last thousand of years - amazing!

    Have a great day


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