Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Everland Resort

I had a chit-chat with my student named Mrs. Park. She is from Korea and I am so thankful for having her as my student. I love South Korea and she can give me a lot of knowledge about the culture, habits, fashion even politics. She does make me envious whenever she goes back to her country for months T.T The most inetersting thing is that I always get something new whenever we meet and she even tells me things that I cannot find in the internet (maybe I can but I don't know) :) And this morning, she told me about the city parks in South Korea. There are many city parks there where people can walk their dogs or go jogging in the morning. The place where I can't find in my hometown :( Then, she shared about her experience of visiting the amusement park called EVERLAND which was built by Samsung. I searched in the internet and olala....it's SO BEAUTIFUL! God, I wish I had enough money to go to South Korea and visit this EVERLAND.

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