Saturday, May 5, 2012

Destination Korea

I've just posted my 3rd post in May and the topic is still related to Korea. I guess I'm in love with this dazzling country. Everyday at least for 30 minutes I spend my time in front of the TV and watch Korea TV Stations like KBS or Arirang. There is one program in Arirang that makes me love this country more than before. It's Destination Korea which gives us more picturesque places of South Korea. Here is one of the episodes that I like, enjoy it :)

Hopefully, I will get more money to save so that one day I can go to this amazing country and visit the places that I have watched in TV before. Visiting Korea will be one of my long-term plans and now I wanna do one of my short-term plans which is trying more Korea cuisine in the restaurant that I've visited with my friends before :)

This is the thing that always makes me smile whenever they express their love SARANGAE :)

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