Friday, February 17, 2012

Dine Out with Cupid

Valentine is not a common day so it will be better if we celebrate it. What should we wear for this day then? Even though it's Valentine, it doesn't mean that we need to wear pink from head to toes. People may think that you look too much and say "another fashion victim". Here are some styles you can pick for your date on Valentine Day. 


  • Shorts mixed with a blouse is a perfect combination to give casual look. 
  • Ankle booties, flats, strappy sandals or wedges are fab!
  • Bring a handbag or a shoulder bag with you. Never go out with bare hands.
  • Avoid wearing too many accessories. A statement necklace will do.


  • A patterned skirt mixed with a plain blouse or vice versa for your stylish look.
  • Pumps or other high heels to boost your feminine style.
  • A hand bag or a clutch to add your confidence.
  • Some accessories can make you more attractive.


  • Choose a red or pink dress with a bit sophisticated cut.
  • Bring a clutch with you.
  • Wear more gold or golden accessories to make the others envious.
  • A pair of high heels like strappy sandals is a MUST.

Last but not least ...
Enjoy your dinner with Cupid :)

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