Monday, January 30, 2012

Ideal or Perfect?

What is a perfect wife? In my opinion, there are no perfect wives in this world. But we have ideal wives. Yet, to describe what an ideal wife is can be difficult as each person, especially men, has his own idea on what so-called as an ideal wife. What do you think? What makes a married woman become an ideal wife? Here is my idea of the ideal wife:
  1. Able to cook
  2. Love her husband, kids, husband's family
  3. Family is her most priority
  4. Able to do housework
  5. Not dependent on her husband
  6. Able to manage her time well
  7. Able to put herself in every occasion
  8. Not ignoring her appearance
I don't know whether these points are right or not. I know that they sound too subjective but those are what I have in mind. It seems difficult to do all of them, but I'm trying to. If I'm not an ideal wife for my husband yet, at least I can be a good wife for him...

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