Monday, August 5, 2013

Favorite Pattern and Personality

Nowadays, clothes come in many kinds of patterns; Starting from solid until the strongest pattern like animal print. I have just read an article in that actually the pattern we like is related to our personality. Interesting, isn’t it? Let’s find out whether our favorite pattern really represents who we are.
  • Solid means that you are such a mysterious person and you give nothing away. I think it’s almost right. I’m in love with solid pattern but I’m not that mysterious. Instead of being mysterious, I tend to keep or even hide my feeling. Even though I’m sad or having problems, you still can see me smile and laugh as if nothing happens.
  • Stripes. If you like vertical stripes, it means that you are the kind of person who knows what you want and don’t feel hesitate to go after it. Assertive and ambitious, that’s you. Meanwhile, for those who like horizontal stripes (like me ^^), they are considered to initiate something confidently. Also, they have the beliefs in things that they can do. Hmm…okay, it’s almost correct again. 
  • Polka dots represent someone who is full of energy. Even though they look very playful fun and happy, they actually can focus on things even very focus. Being able to do multiple tasks and doing lots of things at the same time are their powers. 
  • Floral prints. Such a sweet pattern, isn’t it? Yes, ladies who like this pattern are described as someone who has a touch of sophistication. However, they are easy to approach and tend to be warm in nature.  Moreover, they can bring the crowd along with them. 

  • Animal prints show creativity. So, people who enjoy wearing leopard tops, snakeskin boots or zebra striped dresses are considered to be creative leaders who owns some connections with Mother Nature. They are also willing to grab chances and ready to make bold statements.

So, that’s it. The relation between patterns and personality. Do you agree with it? Does your favorite pattern really describe who you are? For me, well…in general, they describe who I am, but not that 100% correct xoxo

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