Tuesday, August 6, 2013

A Relaxing Day with Sneakers

High heels are closely related to women's world, but how about sneakers? Well, we know this kind of shoes are usually used by men. In fact, sneakers aren't made for men only. We can also wear them. Perhaps most people think that sneakers are dedicated for those who are tomboy or have a little bit masculinity in them. In my opinion, such thought isn't really true. As a woman, of course we are obliged to look feminine or at least show a little bit femininity in our appearance. How to do that? Of course wearing high heels is one of the answers. But wearing them every day isn't really good for our health. We need to give our legs some time to relax their muscles. Keep your high heels for a moment in the closet. Wear your flats or sneakers and start your activities. If you have some problems in mixing sneakers with the outfit, here are some ideas that can help you.

Outfit for hanging out with the girls

Outfit for walking around or shopping

Outfit for ladies' night

What do you think? Are you ready to try? xoxo

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