Wednesday, January 2, 2013

My Fashion Faux Pas

What would you feel when you wore wrong outfit in a party? It's embarrassing right? It happened to me last Monday. The story is like this. Last Monday my husband and I attended our friend's wedding party. At that time, it was cloudy and I didn't feel like dressing too much, so I decided wearing my green satin blouse and a pair of trousers. When we came there, there weren't many people arrived yet. The groom and bride were inside the building, while all of guests were led to the outdoor tent to enjoy the meals. It was still cloudy but I didn't know why I got sweating. It ran as if a river flew, it didn't stop even it fell down again and again.  In a few minutes the back part of my blouse was wet. My husband realized it and he asked me to move to other place to get some air. Yet, it was getting worse and then the front part of my blouse was wet, too. Geez, I was so embarrassed. Afetr a while, my husabnd asked me to go the car. So, I stood up and walked fast to the car. And I spent the rest of the time waiting for my husband in the car alone.

It's kinda embarrassing I got one lesson though. So girls, never wear satin blouses or dresses when you feel that the weather isn't friendly enough for you.

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