Monday, January 21, 2013

A Book of Life - 1st and 2nd pages

Well, I started to open a new page in my book of life. Today is the second page and I have got some plans. Since yesterday I was kinda hectic packing all the things from my office and going out to some places, today I wanna enjoy my time. Well actually, last night I got a message from the office that I was asked to go to my office again today, but I refused it. Wow, what a brave girl! I have made an appointment with my aunt and I didn't wanna cancel it.

I wanna start my own business yet I still have no experience in doing it. Right now, I am a member of a multi-level marketing business. I hope by joining it, I can get experiences that I haven't got so far. I have already bought a book entitled The Magic too. It seems that I have planned my activities right? Yes, but I realize that someday I need to have other activities. Thank God next month I am having my private English lesson. Even though 1 student only, but I thank God for giving such opportunity that I don't have to get bored and moneyless at home.

I hope what I am doing so far and what I am going to do will be useful for me and of course my family. Things may happen in the future and we can't predict them. That's why I try to open my new pages of life wholeheartedly. I wanna learn to be more grateful from today.

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