Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Life is Colorful...Indeed

Well, what can I say life is colorful. It has so many colours that we can't even predict what might happen next. Two days ago there were some incidents happened. 

First, something to do with a chicken. I left my house around 2 hours before the class started. I didn't ride my motorcycle fast. On the way, there was an SUV car in front of me. It didn't run fast either. The car suddenly stopped. I thought that it was because of the queue for the traffic lights, so I stopped my motorcycle too. While waiting, the driver pressed the horn again and again. I was a bit curious and wanted to know what was in front of the car. Yet, the car was too big for me. After a while, the car finally moved again. So, I started to accelerate my motorcycle. I was so surprised when suddenly I saw a little chicken was almost hit by me. I immediately pressed the brake. Thank God my feet could step on the ground and I didn't fall.The chicken looked confused and it walked under my motorcycle. I tried to take it out but it was difficult to me. Finally, there was an old man came and helped me. he shouted at the chicken, HUSS...HUSS...and the chicken ran away from the street. I was so glad that I didn't hit it. If it had happened, I would have been feeling guilty.

Second, something to do with the new co-worker. There was a new co-worker in my office. She was assigned to have peer observation in my class that day. As scheduled, she came to the class and did the observation. We also had some chit chat during the lesson. The thing that a bit surprised me was after the class she gave me feedback (fyi: feedback is usually given by coordinators). She said I made mistakes on pronunciation FAST and ASK. I was supposed to use British English, instead of American English. It turned out that the feedback created such issue for other workers. They thought that she shouldn't have done that. She's not coordinator and she's in our office because she needed some examples on teaching. The thing that made my friends irritated most was her attitude. As a new worker in our company, she should have greeted first. Yet, she kept silent. Honestly, I don't care for the feedback because I don't want to create a problem. after all it's just pronunciation. And for her attitude, maybe she still keeps distance with us since she is in anew environment and needs time to adapt. Hopefully, the feedback matter won't happen to other teachers and she will behave better :)

Life is colorful, right? We don't know what will happen to us. The best thing is that we enjoy every activity that we do. And it's better not to create any problems in our surroundings, no matter we are newcomers or not. 

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