Thursday, July 3, 2014

The Wrap Watch, La Mer

I may say I think I fall in love with this kind of watch. You know, this unique watch isn't the kind of watch I usually use. If you see on the cupboard, there are 3 blinky watches. Blinky? Yeah, it means blink blink lol. People said that it made them look like a rocker, hmm should I agree with the statement? Perhaps if you choose certain styles of this La Mer watch, they can create such a rocker look. However, I have my own opinion. Instead of making you like a rocker, this watch will create a more casual look. Everyone has her own opinion right? And of course her own style. Anyway, This La Mer watch is still my dream until now. I hope one day I can have one. And by the time it happens, I will be mixing it with my casual style :)

styling #1

styling #2

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