Friday, June 8, 2012

Childhood Memory

Back when I was a child, I still remember how much I used to love paper dolls. My mom often bought me a set of paper dolls and I think it's almost everyday. As a result, I owned a lot of paper dolls and if I'm not mistaken I still have them (but I forget where I keep them LOL). I played these dolls everyday whenever I didn't have anything to do after school. There were many kinds of stories I had created alone or with my friends at that time. One of them was living in a small village. The village that I had in mind wasn't the same as the villages that we had in our city, where most villagers had some cows and goats. Once my brother told me that a village had different smell and could make us miss it. It's difficult to describe it. Just imagine that you're in the middle of a small path that was surrounded by wooden houses with piles of paddies nearby. 

Anyway, I don't know why I suddenly have this wish. I wish I could stay in a small village with my husband for I dunno perhaps a month. I wanna live in a small wooden house which has a quite big yard to plant vegetables, fruits and some flowers. When I wanna cook something, I only need to pick some vegetables from my yard. Then, my husband and I can spend our spare time by walking or riding a bicycle around the village and meeting the people there. It will be wonderful to escape from city life for a moment and try to get closer to nature. 

If someday I have the chance to do it, I will live in Cheongsando Island ...

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  1. this place is very beautiful!!!!! I WISH I COULD GO HERE!


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