Monday, April 9, 2012

Scarves Attraction

Recently, two of my friends makcik Tami and pipi spend their time knitting and knitting and knitting. And me? What am I doing? Just looking at their hands which are knitting using their tools so fast. I'm not as talented as them, but I can be so good at making undefined knitting a.k.a abstract pattern xoxo. I do hope that their hobby can make them get some money and so far makcik has some orders. Good luck for all of you. Fighting! ^^

Talking about knitting, makcik gave me an idea of wearing a scarf. Hmmm...scarves don't need to be worn in winter only right? Yes, as long as we can choose the most appropriate fabric. You can't wear a woolen scarf in summer. Hellooooooo -.-' Spring is coming and bright color is waiting to be mixed and matched. Simple tips for you, choose some plain clothes and mix them with patterned scarves or vice versa. I bet your style is ready for welcoming spring :)

Leopard craze

As simple as it is

Boho wannabe

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  1. That first outfit is totally something I would have attempted to pull together myself! (Minus the Birkin that is NOT in my closet) lol.

    Wonderful post and thank you for stopping by my blog xo Georgina


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