Monday, April 23, 2012

His Charm

I'm currently watching American Idol 2012 and all of the finalists are so talented. I'm amazed with their incredible and (I think) flawless voice although the judges can get their mistake while listening. I'm wondering how they can get them hmmm.....they do have sharp ears xoxo....

Anyway, the finalist now look much better in fashion as a well-known fashion designer, Tommy Hilfiger, participates as the fashion stylist in that gorgeous show. And from all of the finalists, Colton Dixon who can catch my attention. The first time I saw him, I was interested in his hair! And after the make-over I still love his hair especially the bangs. He is getting cuter and he is even way cuter as he sings. Love his hair, love his smile and love his style. Colton, though you have been eliminated, you ROCK!

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